Saturday, October 11, 2014

Some Info from a blog reader:

Are you suspicious of the high bills and outrageous late fee’s? I began to research the AUM bills. I have uncovered that AUM is performing shady business practices such as payment date changes and over charging tenants with respect to the actual cost of Water & Sewer! 

 I am currently filling a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against AUM and need your support! 

 Please email me at to get a letter to sign and support this case!

Stone Harbor is Low Income Housing
Year Placed in Service 2004 - Total Number of Units 160.  157 of them are Low-Income units.  Number of Efficiences 0, Number of 1 Bedroom Units 32, Number of 2 Bedroom Units 80, Number of 3 Bedroom Units 32, Number of 4 Bedroom Units 16.

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