Saturday, October 20, 2012

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I have put up this blog site so that the reviews about this Stone Harbor apartment rental site don't just disappear. Here is the site in case you want to go there directly:

The apartment rating site has or at least 'had' a site for North Bridge Apartments in Orlando, this is the 'flagship' and HQ of Concord.  It had quite a lot of negative reviews then last time I looked in a dozen of them were gone with just one in favor and one against.

The Stone Harbor apartments are managed by Concord Management, Ltd from Orlando (Maitland).  They have about 140 sites with 32,000-34,000 units in 7 states and from what I have read they do a crappy job across the board.

So in order that this below information remains online I am just going to paste the information into this site so when people 'google' Stone Harbor they will find this.

Note:  The complex is sometimes called 'Stone Harbour', just trying to be fancy I guess.

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2 Local newspaper articles about Stone Harbor can be found at:

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